Zero Gravity Pilates brings you in-person and online professionally-guided classes.

With 10+ pilates studios and our Zero Gravity TV app, your dream fitness goal is just around the corner. There’s something for everyone with classes from celebrity collaboration to yoga and of course, our famous Ultra Reformer Pilates classes. Click below to book a free reformer pilates class today!

Our Mission

Empower your body and mind with Pilates at Zero Gravity, where our mission is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

We offer professional Pilates instruction, both in-person and online, personalised attention, and a supportive community to help you achieve your goals. Our innovative approach fosters growth and transformation, inspiring healthier and happier lives. We believe in your potential for strength, flexibility, and balance and we’re committed to helping you unlock it.

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What Makes Us Different?

Zero Gravity TV is an additional resource that provides top-notch workouts available to do from the comfort of your own home.

We understand that each client is unique, which is why we offer a wide variety of classes, catering to different preferences. Our highly trained instructors provide easy-to-follow instructions, helping clients achieve proper form and maximize the benefits of each exercise.

Our Range Of Classes

We are proud to offer two celebrity-acclaimed workout options, to enable you to exercise wherever and whenever you want. Experience our small group Reformer Pilates classes at a Zero Gravity Pilates studio near you, or choose from one of our many on-demand ZGTV workouts;

  • Ultra Mat Pilates
  • Ultra Reformer Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Seasonal 90 Day Projects
  • HIIT Pilates
  • Resistance Ultra Mat
  • Celebrity Workouts
  • Hold & Pulse in 15
  • Mummy To Be Pilates
  • Celebrity Instagram Replays

Our Founders

Chris Richardson

As Co-Founder & celebrity trainer, Chris Richardson's impressive fitness education, background in professional football, and unique approach to Ultra Pilates has earned him a reputation as 'the Joe Wicks of Pilates'.

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Christopher Watson

As Co-Founder, Christopher Watson's educational background in sports and exercise therapy and training at a leading Pilates studio, has helped create the foundation and success of the Zero Gravity Pilates® brand.

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Our Studio Locations


Famous Faces

Browse our list of celeb clients that are addicted to the ZG brand, both working out in the studios and making use of the ZGTV app.

Zero Gravity Body Changing Benefits

“Expect a new body in 6 weeks with our life changing exercise”

- Chris Richardson (Manager)

Sculpt a new waist

This will be the first thing you notice change in your body.

Toned arms and legs

Those pesky backs of arms will be a thing of the past.

Peachy bum

You will see the shape in your bum change for the better – firm glutes! The remedial aspect is that your glutes offer fantastic lumbar support which is good for your back.

Improved core-stability

Every exercise will challenge your core. Even when we focus for example on your legs you will still find we are challenging your core due to our state of the art equipment.

Improved posture

Opening up the shoulders, standing taller and holding yourself correctly through the upper-mid back will help combat sitting at a desk / sat in a car all day.

Reduction in aches and pains

Every exercise is followed by a deep muscular stretch which have you feeling 7ft tall and iron out any aches you have been feeling in the body.

Superior ability to strengthen the entire body

You may find you are stronger on one side, or can stabilise better on the other. With our dynamic sessions you will become equal as you become as strong on your left as your right.

Firmer Inner Thighs

Every Ladies big want is “thigh gap”, this will give you that! inner things will become firm an toned. Expect to see the diameter become much smaller around your legs.

Our promise to you is that no Zero Gravity class will ever be the same!

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