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As seen in The Telegraph and recommended by celebrities such as Kimberley Walsh, Kate Ferdinand, Lisa Snowdon and Rochelle Humes. We at Zero Gravity have the very best, unique, dynamic, body-sculpting workouts ready for you.



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With body lengthening Yoga and stress releasing Meditation sessions also available on our app we genuinely believe we have something for everyone. And, if you have a Pilates Reformer in your home, we also offer our celebrity crazed Ultra Reformer Pilates classes for you.

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‘The fitness app to do’

‘The fitness app to do’

Zero Gravity Body Changing Benefits

“Expect a new body in 6 weeks with our life changing exercise”

- Chris Richardson (Manager)

Sculpt a new waist

This will be the first thing you notice change in your body.

Toned arms and legs

Those pesky backs of arms will be a thing of the past.

Peachy bum

You will see the shape in your bum change for the better – firm glutes! The remedial aspect is that your glutes offer fantastic lumbar support which is good for your back.

Improved core-stability

Every exercise will challenge your core. Even when we focus for example on your legs you will still find we are challenging your core due to our state of the art equipment.

Improved posture

Opening up the shoulders, standing taller and holding yourself correctly through the upper-mid back will help combat sitting at a desk / sat in a car all day.

Reduction in aches and pains

Every exercise is followed by a deep muscular stretch which have you feeling 7ft tall and iron out any aches you have been feeling in the body.

Superior ability to strengthen the entire body

You may find you are stronger on one side, or can stabilise better on the other. With our dynamic sessions you will become equal as you become as strong on your left as your right.

Firmer Inner Thighs

Every Ladies big want is “thigh gap”, this will give you that! inner things will become firm an toned. Expect to see the diameter become much smaller around your legs.

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