Transform your body with our innovative, pioneering Ultra Reformer Pilates.

What is a Reformer?

We work on a Pilates Reformer which you can only get from Los Angeles.

This fantastic piece of equipment is the desired piece of kit which every celebrity, elite sportsmen and models rave about (just ask our high profile clients). These new-age Pilates Reformers are truly remarkable as it targets muscles you never thought you had. As we work you to our famous isolate – fatigue – stretch method, the spring tension on the Reformer can adjust the efficiency of the workout, with every exercise being free flowing it is fantastic for limiting the pressure most workouts have on your joints.

How effective is this form of Pilates?

Our Ultra Dynamic Reformer Pilates is the most effective form of exercise around.

Prepare to become addictive to our super dynamic classes as you see the results on your body in a matter of weeks. No other Pilates studio offers this vibrant-results driven Ultra style on Pilates Reformers than what we do. With Magic Pilates Rings, light hand weights, and Pilates boxes we fuse this all together on the Pilates Reformer to offer you a class which will have your body parts talking to you as you sculpt a new you.

Best Possible Results

This “buzzed up” style of Pilates shocks your body and your metabolism. Working you to fatigue in every exercise you will be guaranteed to feel the burn as we look to build long lean muscles in the legs and arms, create a flat-toned tummy and perk up that bum so it is nice and peachy!

Every exercise is controlled and precise as we tailor a 60-minute class to hit your training goals. No one class will ever be the same as we have introduced Functional Training with elements of Traditional Pilates to produce the most effective exercise around.

Is this for me?

If you have had enough of going to the gym, where the equipment is coated in sweat, no one knows who you are, big guys with over developed lats and traps grunting and you have become bored with the same exercise routine and need to spice it up, this is for you!

We have small, effective-efficient sessions that are designed to get you in shape in the safest most fun innovative way possible.

We have Beginner and Intermediate sessions available which are suitable for every age and ability level. We also offer bespoke Pre and Post-natal exercise during our small sessions in studio.

Our promise to you is that no Zero Gravity class will ever be the same!

You will always come back for more; it’s simply addictive! Our instructors are uniquely individual and will put their own special twist on each exercise, so you are guaranteed never to be stuck in an exercise rut. So why wait?

The sessions

Classes vary for each studio location, however, all are 55 minutes and your first session is absolutely free, which gives you an ideal opportunity to see why we are award-winning with Tatler magazine.

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Opening times

We are open 8am–1pm Monday to Sunday and have evening sessions from 5:30-8:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Book a session

Click below to see our online training schedule. Sessions can be booked here, or if you’d prefer us to do this for you, please contact or
call 01707 654949.

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